Biosfera Films is an independent film production company based in Buenos Aires. Our production projects include documentary, advertising, and institutional films for various platforms, including movie theaters, streaming websites, and multimedia press releases.

CWe tell inspiring stories—those that have inspired us and seek to inspire others.
We are driven by our wish to establish a deep connection with the story and to understand a particular need for communication. Our motivation and passion help us transform that initial need into powerful audiovisual projects that spark new ideas.



This has been a long-term process with an informal start and a clear goal:
“to make a documentary film about the history of swimming across Río de la Plata.” Now we have consolidated a formal enterprise that makes us proud and fills us with enthusiasm.

We are Biosfera Films

Pablo Perez Fiedler

He was born in Buenos Aires province, Argentina. He studied audiovisual arts (UNA) and journalism (TEA).
Passionate documentary filmmaker, lover of movies, photography, and nature.
In 2018 he released "La tierra que arde," his first documentary feature film as a director and producer. The film was presented at different national and international film festivals, winning multiple awards. For the past 12 years, Fiedler has been working in the audiovisual industry as director, cameraman, and editor.

Lucas Rivet

He was born in Buenos Aires province, Argentina. He studied marketing (UCES) and sports coaching (UCES).
Commercial director of a multinational communication agency for the past 20 years.
A father, husband, Ironman, ultra-long-distance swimmer, and lover of nature and adventure.

If required by the project, we are joined by a whole team of professionals from a number of disciplines: designers, animators, sound engineers, and sports coaches.


The biosphere, or “sphere of life,” is where life thrives on Earth— air, water, soil, and species interact with one another in a flow of energy.
We believe that the best way to create a positive impact on our environment is to focus on the human aspects—changes in human behavior will bring about positive effects on our whole biosphere. This is why we decided to tell inspiring stories, stories that promote change and can lead to a greater respect for others and for the whole world.